As a Journalism and Mass Communications student at Drake University, I have had the pleasure of being paired with community organizations in order to get a better sense of what my role would look like as a professional. Through these experiences, I have been fully immersed in situations that someone in the sector of public relations would be put into and have in turn learned to manage and maintain the reputation of an individual or organization through communication with various stakeholders. Some of the key activities that I have engaged in include:

  1. Crafting press releases and media pitches
  2. Developing social media content and managing social media accounts
  3. Conducting research to understand public perception (As well as developing strategies to shape and improve that perception)
  4. Planning and executing events and other public-facing activities
  5. Monitoring media coverage and social media activity to identify potential issues
  6. Developing crisis communication plans and managing communication

Below I have attached some examples of my work from school and internships: