Leila Alvarado

Hello reader and welcome to my website!! My name is Leila Alvarado and I’m a 22-year-old college student just trying to make my way in today’s crazy but exciting world. I use she/her pronouns and my zodiac sign is Leo. I consider myself a creative person and love all things art related: cooking, baking, painting, drawing, singing.

I am currently a senior at Drake University finishing up my bachelor’s degree in public relations. As a first-generation Mexican-American college student, I am beyond excited, and also relieved, about the fact that I will be graduating in May. My family has worked very hard and made so many sacrifices to support my dreams. All my life, I have wanted to make them proud. I wanted to be someone that made their struggles worth enduring. I know that when I finally walk across the stage all my own hard work will have been worth it.  

Growing up, I always felt that my purpose in life was to make the world a better place. To do this, I sought any opportunity for humanitarian work. At age 15, I begged my mom to allow me to participate in a travel and volunteer program for teenagers known as Global Leadership Adventures. For months, she worked long hours to raise the money for my trip.

I ended up going to Tanzania, Africa, where I, along with other teens aged 14-18, took part in a month-long experience that would change my life. We worked very closely with the community leaders there and they helped us to better understand the issues they were facing and how they hoped to address them.

I got to participate in community service projects, immersive learning experiences and adventurous excursions. It was this trip that solidified my love of humanitarianism and I came back knowing that I wanted to pursue something that would allow me to make those same changes within my own community.

Studying public relations has provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge that I need to effectively assist community-based organizations in continuing their important work. Throughout the course of my college-career, I have had the pleasure of working for/with organizations like Invest DSM, GDM Habitat for Humanity, and USCRI Des Moines.

I am excited to see where else my education will take me. As always, my goal is to promote love, peace and happiness wherever I go and encourage others to do the same.